PRICELIST 2024-04-01



PRICE list 2024-04-01 Same types of oil press with new developed inside tube in ball bearing house. Modification of older press bearing housing without insert tube to exchangeable insert tube for best economy. Turning and insert pipe for Type 55.70 and 90. Example turning price: -SEK Type 70 with insert pipe price : -SEK

  For pressing big seeds. or very light seeds in m3

Press screw part 2002  low cost. you can change 180  angle and worn again


Type 20  Without Assistent Original   12 500:-SEK.
Type 20 With Assistent Original 800W NEW     19 200-SEK.   

Type 40A 39 900:-SEK.

Type 40C 45 900:-SEK.

Type 55  71 700:-SEK.                                            
Type 70  100 900-SEK.   

Type 90     139 500:-SEK.  

 Price Seed cake guard 6 670:-SEK.

Rebuilding to TäbyPressen from others manufactures to Type 55. Existing power can be uses.


DOUBLE with 2 pc. Press Tube

      Type 40C-2   59 500:-SEK.  Type40C-2 Kit   14 900:-SEK.       Type 55-2   81 500:-SEK. Type 55-2   Kit 21 200:-
      Type 70-2      119 500:-SEK.        Type 70-2   Kit 22 500:-SEK.
      Type 90-2    160 600:-SEK.   
        Type  90-2  Kit 27600:-SEK.


 In Europeans Union  I must have your VAT number  If you not have VAT number it cost 25%  more.

                              Freight  price add.  Schenker and TNT


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