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VIDEO:Type 55-2 "NEW" kit for older Type55 to get 2 screw press in the same oil press.  Now for sale.

Some types of oilpress with new developed inside tube in screw inlet house.

To pressing big seeds. or very light seeds in m3.
More space around press screw.
Animation  video

Press screw part 2002 low cost. you can change 180 angle and to wear again.
Reversible press screw for the best wear economy.
Animation Video


VIDEO:  From Skeppsta Maskin AB

Video on YouTube TäbyPressen Service and info



Screw presses for cold pressing.
RAPESEED, LINSEED, FLAXSEED, SUNFLOWER SEED, SESAME SEED, PEANUT, GROUNDNUTS, MUSTARD SEED, POPPY, COTTON SEED, HEMP, RAPSSAAT, SENF, MOUTARDE, GRAINES DE TOURNESOL, COLZA, SONNENBLUMENKERNE, CHANVRE, ARACHIDE, JOJOBA etc. The ideal press for everybody who intends to produce oil, edible oil, tractor oil, chain saw oil, biodiesel, Rapsöl, RME, Pflanzenöl, hemp seed oil, health food, Reformkost etc.You can choose different models of presses. Manufactured by concentrating on reliability, durability, low weight, easy serviceability, simple power supply and a low price.  
* Extruded meal, perfect for Feed or Fuel  * Operate 24/7   * Simple operation  * 

Motor Kw 3 phase 

1,5 Kw 

Power supply: 
 Varmec RCV 252  gearbox   and Moeller 322  inverter. or Invertek inverter Manual IP20 Inverter
Electric motor MT          Ready to use with the touch of a button.

200/240 volt 1 phase  
16Amp  50/60Hz 
Plugged into a socket outlet. 

Capacity liter oil: approx  Dependent on the condition of the seed. 

5 - 11 liter / hour
1.32 - 2.904 Gallon  / hour

Test of seed result. Extraction % OIL: approx  Dependent on the condition of the seed. 

25 - 37%

Capacity kg seed / hour approx:  CONVERT

20 - 36 kg /44 -79.2 Pound seed/hour

Oilproduction 12 month 8760 hour In a year oil production:  Translate to gallon

43 - 78 m3 / 270.8 - 489.84 Barrel

Length mm 

1020 mm 

Width mm 

350 mm

Height without filling hopper mm 

300 mm

Weight press kg 

64 kg

Weight electric cabinet kg 


Electric cabinet (L*W*H) mm 


Frequency converter 


 Type 55
Price ex works Örebro, Sweden, unpacked. 

 Call my dealers  for pricing

Price Spare part press-screw  3 kg  3 PARTS SCREW + Bolt

4 700:-SEK  Price USD

Price Spare part presstube  2 kg

1 430:-SEK  Price USD

Moms tillkommer på alla priser i Sverige 25%


Exchange the presscrew is very easy look at : Picture1   Picture2       Seed cookie guard  
Currency Converter   Price to USD and other.  
Rape-oil for  diesel-engine. ECO-Tuning of  diesel-engine, car and tractor.   
Dealers     Plant
Terms of sales
Advantages *Type 55 Bauer , Type70 and Type90

Adresser kontakter. Tillsatser, dunkar, silos, frö
Fördelar för TäbyPressen Typ 55 . 70, 90Bauer
Frökakevakt som stoppar om något går fel

Raps diesel konvertering SVO   
SVO Straight Vegetable Oil , Diesel Conversion Kit

The price do not include V.A.T. (Value-added tax)

 Gear drive in oil bath for continuous operation. Hardened steel in press tools. Manual starting is required after a power failure. Motor protection. Automatic cut-out if press screw overheats. Startwarmthcollar. Prepared for oxygenfree pressing. Interchangeable nozzles, tools and instruction manual supplied. We reserve the right to make changes to technical data and design without prior notifications.
Request an offer, price, freight, and date of delivery.      Begär pris , frakt, levtid.
Skeppsta Maskin AB
Bengt Jonsson
Täby Skeppsta
S-705 94 ÖREBRO
Tel: +46-19 22 80 05 Fax: +46-19 22 80 05
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Skeppsta Maskin AB
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705 94 Örebro

Tel o Fax  019 228005  sales@oilpress.com      Mobil och SMS:     073 1542941 , Skype  : oilpress     


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