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Biodiesel in a spayer  

VIDEO:  From Skeppsta Maskin AB

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Video Conversion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4ZN_uQ1_AM




Drive your diesel-engine with Warm Raw Straight Vegetable Oil.

Drive your cookers and burners, SVO. 

canola oil to warm diesel-engine. Data about canola oil    
New   With 6/2 valve filter, thermostat, magnet-plug, 2 sensors, 4 glowplug

Engines Running on Straight Vegetable Oil. The Agriculture   Fuel. Veg-Conversion.
Direct injection motor,   pre-chamber  and swirl-chamber-diesel-engine


Typ20 inger3m.5.avi
   Type 20 inger7min31.mpg      
Video typ40a.avi
   Type 40a puristin160x120.mov  Type40a kokoaminen240x180.mov 
Video typ90.avi     Video Type 90 Jan Greger MPG   
Video 6 unit of Type 90
     Falkenberg      Fair Hanover.mpg   Fair-Paris .avi       Fair-Pais wmv
Fair Paris, Hanover

Conversion Diesel engine to rape oil:'

Conversion to SVO
Video Slöinge conversion rape oil Volvo diesel engine. motor "Rapetherm4".mpg
Video Slöinge conversion rape oil Volvo diesel engine. motor montage"Rapetherm4" .wmv

Video Slöinge conversion rape oil Volvo diesel engine. motor drive ."Rapetherm4"wmv

Video Slöinge conversion rape oil Volvo diesel engine. components injection "Rapetherm4".wmv

Hatz diesel Type 70 MPG 


Demonstration of oilpress Folkecenter 

Raw straight rape-oil is oil you get directly from the
Raw straight rape-oil is a very good cooking-oil. That you can eat with good advantage.

Three things you must think over if you wish to drive on canola oil SVO..


1    Not old oil  . Not more than 6 month  or 1 year old oil.

2    Lower viscosity with http://www.oilpress.com/rape-therm-valve62-2002-03-21.jpg  to warm up the oil before inlet to injection pump.

3    Flame pont  . Start the engine with usual diesel fuel so the engine is hot before you change to SVO Straight veg oil. If the engine is hot the veg oil
      not coke.

Links many  about VEG- CONVERSION,  VEG-TUNING

Look at Oilpress Type 20, 40a, 55, 70, 90
The raw straight oil have
high viscosity (cSt)
about 80 cSt at  +20 C.  But if you warm it up to about +70 C the oil rape-oil   is about 10 cSt.

If you have cold canola oil you get cavity in the injection pump.  The pump get not so much oil that the injection pump need.

It be not the right pressure in the injection. You get not so good burning and you get coke in the cylinder.The usual diesel engine is made for diesel oil not rape-oil.

And if the diesel-engine is warm  you start  and drive good with raw straight rape-oil
It is very cheap to make raw straight canola oil instead to make bio-diesel.

To make
biodiesel you must  process the raw straight oil, that is to  remove the high viscosity.
Look at RME picture The process  is very expensive  and dangerous to do in a little plant.

Warm rape-oil to warm diesel-engine.


1    Start your diesel-engine with diesel-oil from extra tank, about 5 litre or more.  
      And you  also can need  warmth to the  canola oil-filter with electric glow-plug in 
the filter. when the weather   is
      very cold temperature.

2    When the diesel-engine get warm and the canola oil is warm with "RapeTherm4"  then it automatic  put on the electric -
      valve to turn
      on to Straight Vegetable Oil. "
Fuel Converter"
      Now you have hot filtered Straight Vegetable Oil  S.V.O direct to  the diesel-engine.

3    Now you run with 100% raw rape-oil Straight Vegetable Oil  from 

4    When you have work and run end of the day,  you turns on to diesel fuel before you stop the diesel engine.        
       It is a very short way between the valve and the injection-pump.
       When you start again you have diesel-oil in the injection-pump when it perhaps is very cold temperature out of doors.

5    Straight Vegetable Oil in the fuel-tank, is not so easy to get fire when an accident happens.
Straight Vegetable Oil in the fuel-tank is environment friendly.
Straight Vegetable Oil is good for lubrication in the diesel-engine.
Straight Vegetable Oil is good for farmers and ground  for the sake of variety in the rotation.
  Straight Vegetable Oil is is good for skin and good for the health.
10  Straight Vegetable Oil get no Greenhouse effect to the earth. The most problem on earth
11  Straight Vegetable Oil is very clean so you can eat it up if you be  hungry.
When you sell the car and tractor you move the equipment to the new engine. You need not   to buy a new
equipment  again.

From the org fuel tank go rape-seed-oil  to extra pump to extra 3 unit parallell filters  then to heat-exchanger ( not necessarily when you have "RapeTherm4")  then  to "RapeTherm4" to- the injection pump on the diesel engine. 

Then you mount extra diesel fuel -tank about 5 litre or more.  The diesel-oil go from the extra tank to org filter to "RapeTherm4" to- the injection pump on the diesel engine. 

If you get problem with rape-oil block in the rape-oil-filter on the road, motor-highway you can direct turn on  the valve 6/2 or  3/2  to diesel-oil and you always get home without problem.

Warning!  Coverings on metals of rape-oil      Warning!    Not older than 6 months old rape-oil. Risk for coating less.

Raw cold pressed rape-oil constitutes coverings:
El zinc-plarting metals.
Fuel gauge in fuel tank
Tank lid can be el zinc-plating. Galvanize metals constitutes also coverings.

Parts and price      Manual controller  XR10             Electric  Dixell XR20C

Rape-Therm4,  NY 4 st glödpluggar, 2 sensorer, termostat, filter, 3/2 ventil,  magnetplugg,  3990:-SEK

Controller "Fuel Converter with 3 sensors, Fueltank-level, watertemp, and rape-oil temp "   12 and 24 volt DC  price 5100:-SEK  New 

"RapeTherm4"  with valve, glowplugs, filter, and thermostat +100 DgC    12 volt DC price  3990:-SEK   


Extra pump   to pump rape oil if it necessarily to pump cold rape-oil from the tank .  price 1050:-SEK

Extra filter 2 unit you mounting parallels . It is necessarily to have 2 or 3 filter when you pump cold rape-oil high viscosity (cSt)

Extra Tank , tubs and  mounting parts,

Then you must get oil from TäbyPressen  www.oilpress.com/type55.htm

Controller 1  Fuel Converter 12volt /24 volt  "with 3 sensors, Fueltank-level, watertemp, and rape-oil temp " Price 5100:-SEK

Light in display
Rape-oil temp.
Water temp.
Tank level in the rape-tank in cm.
Counter meter hours on rape-oil.
Clock  Hour
Show when you run on Diesel or Rape-oil.
Emptying of rape oil from the injection pump if you forget to change to diesel oil before stop. (Extra valve need)
All parameter you can change  on buttons on PLC
Which water temp when glow plug get on and off.
Which temp of rape-oil in Rape-Therm4 get on and off.
How many litres in rape-tank you must have to change to rape oil.
If you not have rape oil in the tank you can not warm rape oil or change to rape-oil.
How many minutes to pump out rape-oil from the injection-pump if you forget to change to diesel oil before stop of diesel engine

In " RapeTherm4" is 4 glowplug you get all heat so  in normal  you not need any heat exchanger from water.


You put the "rapeTherm4" in the engine space.  Relay to the valve and glowplugs.  

All valves, sensors, magnet plug, security filter . secureity thermostat 120 dg C  and glowplug and so on in the same part. No problem with leakage.  No problem with water leakage because  you not need heat exchanger.

The Fuel Converter in the  coupé 

The fueltank and filter 3 parallel  and pump in the car boot


No water  heat exchanger to mount easy to mount. 

Exampel of controller. 2


PLC Crouzet with program and 2 temp sensors and 1 sensors level tank  Price 4373:-SEK

Exampel of controller. 3

Controller XR10C 1 temp sensors 2 thermostats and 1 sensors level tank Price 1950:-SEK



In Falkenberg in Sweden I have a VOLVO diesel engine 178 KW  run over 1850 hours with rape oil    about 180 coldstarters with diesel fuel.

From nov 2001 to  2003.


Skeppsta Maskin AB takes NO responsibility , consequence of this information from this web-site 

Cookers  Burners.

All ordinarily cookers or oil burners with fossil fuels you can convert  to raw straight SVO  Rape-oil from direct from TäbyPressen www.oilpress.com/type55.htm
You need a
http://www.oilpress.com/rape-therm-valve62-2002-03-21.jpg  rape-thermo from me to heat up the rape-oil.

You started the  cooker burner with fossil fuels.  When the cooker is warm , the glow-plug started from sensors from the cooker and warm up the rape-thermo to 90 DG C then the rape-oil  is about 80 DG C the  6/2 valve change to rape oil.   When the water in the cooker come up to right temp it turn over to fossil fuel 1 minute or 2 and then the cooker stop.  When the cooker start again it is fossil fuel in the injection and pump and it start good.

You mast have 1 little start tank with fossil fuel about 100 litres  for only start and stop of burner.

All automatic is with  http://www.oilpress.com/crouzet-plc-m2-4.JPG  PLC. control 12 volt .  Everything supervision is automatic from the PLC. Start and stop.

Always start and stop with usual fossil fuel. And you run with SVO  oil from TäbyPressen. You have all-time the right temperature of the cooker and the rape oil.

All temperature for  sensors you can change in the PLC.  You need 2 sensors.  1 sensor in the "rape-thermo" and  1 sensor in the cooker who meter the temp in the cooker.  PT100 sensors 

When you drive the warm cooker with warm rape-oil it is perfect.   You get all-time right burning. 

http://www.oilpress.com/rape-therm-valve62-2002-03-21.jpg   12 volt DC Price  3990:-SEK   and http://www.oilpress.com/crouzet-plc-m2-4.JPG  http://www.oilpress.com/crouzet-plc-m2-2.JPG  12 volt DC  plc control  with program 2 unit sensors to water temp and rape oil temp  PT 100 and tank level meter   on/off  to get information to PLC Crouzet if it is rape-oil in the tank.  Total Price 4373:-SEK :-SEK.you can purchase from me.  

 Extra pump   to pump rape oil if it necessarily to pump cold rape-oil from the tank .   price 1050:-SEK

Extra filter 2 unit you mounting parallels . It is necessarily to have 2 or 3 filter when you pump cold rape-oil.

Extra Tank , tubs and  mounting parts, transformer to 12 volt from 230 volt AC DC add

Then you must get oil from TäbyPressen  www.oilpress.com/type55.htm

Type 20 Type 40a Type 55 Type 70 Type 70 with Diesel Engine Type90  Filter F70S

  Please give me information about your opinion of to drive with Diesel Engines Running on Straight Vegetable Oil


Greeting/Hälsning Bengt Jonsson